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Sabrina Universal Lawton


You can call me 'Sul', as God has given me a new heart, mind, body and soul.  

In 2013, a car accident brought me to my knees. I dealt with the shady aftermath disguised as 10 years of emotional dis-ease, and chronic pain. During which time, I realized, the 'thorn in my side' was an opportunity for the 'old man' to die. God used this experience to make me new; in the image and likeness God called me to.

Prior to founding Evolve To Love, I enjoyed a lucrative sixteen-year leadership career, working with various Fortune500 corporations. I know by personal experience just how outward success, and financial freedom may not ultimately align you with the peace beyond your paycheck.

Today, I share the basic instructions before leaving earth, through scientific and wellness experiences to evolve people, leadership and community organizations by raising our Spiritual IQ to inspire more meaningful human interaction which evolve behaviors and ultimately outcomes.

Evolve To Love.


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